Software Development
GreenStaar provides software solutions to a myriad of industry hurdles. From Cannabis Packaging to MLS Real Estate Websites, we cover everything. If you have an idea, we can build it for you. Our method is to explore every facet of your project and map intelligent solutions to achieve your goal.

Can the way something is done be improved? Can a problem be solved by an app? You'd be suprised how often the answer is "Yes!".

The apps we currently provide are SmartPac™, AssetBoss™ and CommandCenter™.

SmartPac™ is a proprietary online application tailored specifically for the Cannabis Industry.

This application has integrated variable data features, with a high resolution pdf generator that creates Health Canada compliant packaging on your carton/labels dielines, an on-line proof approval system and back-end inventory control management all-in-one!

Our revolutionary system allows your team to communicate directly with the printer, enabling you to order your variable data cartons and labels online, ensuring your product’s speed to market.

Organize and share your assets on a proprietary system that allows you unlimited data storage, uploads and downloads.

Yes, we said unlimited! Other DAM systems charge for storage, Asset Boss does not. That is just one of the key features that sets us apart from the other DAM systems out there!

Organize and create your own folder structures, share your images, videos, presentations and documents from your central online library. Asset Boss™ is proprietary, meaning we can tailor it to your companies specific needs.

If you would like another feature added to the application, no problem, we can code it for you! Our job is to make your job easier! Check out how easy and intuitive it is to use.

CommandCenter™ offers a multitude of features compliant with the Canadian Real Estate Association or CREA.

We are CREA DDF Certified for Technology Provisions and provide a myriad of tools to help you manage assets and provide quick, accurate information to yourself and clients.

CommandCenter™ helps you manage Users, Featured Properties, Home Evaluations, Listings, Customer Inquires, News, and even website tools.

We also provide quick and easy support combined with the capability to develop additional software components for use with your tailored copy of CommandCenter™.